Monday, 24 January 2011

Polka dots and news update!

Hey everyone!

Sorry I've been away for so long. I have been really busy and just haven't had time to blog! I did some guest blogging for
Evans, which you can find here. Yesterday, I did a shoot for the magazine Diva, about my personal style. I had some photos taken and answered a few questions. The magazine isn't out yet, but I will let you all know when it is!

I thought I would take this opportunity to post a couple of OOTD's too. The first outfit I wore to work today, and the second is what I wore out to Wagamama's with Kara on Saturday evening.

I know I have already shown you
this dress back in August, but I really enjoy wearing it, and it's versatile enough to wear in all seasons.

Dress: Evans, Shoes: Rocket Dog via Ebay, Cardigan: Matalan, Tights: Primark, Earrings: a gift

I've had these shoes for ages, and they have a tiny kitten ish type heel, which wore away really quickly. I found them in my wardrobe, and finally got round to repairing them!

I got the earrings as a gift from Femmie lala. I love them as they are really big and stand out!

Dress: Evans, Belt: Big Bum Jumble, Cardigan thing: Big Bum Jumble, Tights: Primark (years ago), Shoes: New Look

This outfit was me experimenting with a bit of colour. I really like how the yellow and royal blue match. (I was a bit worried about how it would look) I just love how co-ordinated and matched it all is!

I am SO excited about Plus London! I have got an evening outfit sorted out, but still no day one. I have a few ideas, but you will have to wait and see ;-)


amonkeyfatshionista said...

Ah! You went for blue & yellow! Looks amazing! I have that dress and I love it ^_^

Katrin said...

ARG Falling of the internet killed my comment!

I live in fear of yellow, but I must admit that it gives a great touch of color and is a lovely combo.
Also I love you in Polka Dots!

Same here, I think night outfit is saved but I am not sure for the day, depends a bit on the weather!

Lillian Funny Face said...

I love that royal blue colour, and polka dots are always great! You look lovely :)And how exciting that you did the Diva thing!

Sophie said...

You look lovely in Polka dots my darling! Deffo a winning look.

I have NO idea what to wear for LDN, but I shall have a good look thsi weekend :) xx

The Merry Traveller said...

2 different looks, 1 dress! Well i'm excited for you guys to go Plus London :( I'll be wishing you guys have loads of fun *sob*

Natalie Mulford said...

Polka dots!! I love polka dots! I adore the 2nd outfit, the splash of colour is great!

Psycho Sue- Sew Misunderstood said...

The yellow just makes the whole thing so much hotter! Rock on girl!

Mode Plus said...

You definitely hit the jackpot with the color combo. I don't really like combining yellow and black, makes me think of a bee (a Dutch thing) but I love how you put the blue (almost purple) color in the outfit. I can learn from you. I'm pretty safe.

Larissa Dobbin said...

Polka dots are is the one of the prettiest patterns for any clothing. Everything's perfect! I like the second combination more, though. I saw your New Year outfit, too. I hope to find those items in outlet malls next week. My best friend and I are going shoppin' in Florida. I love those yellow flats.