Monday, 3 January 2011

New year outfit - Spot the difference!

Hey everyone!

I hope you are all well, and you all had a great Christmas and New year.

I have been so slack not posting in AGES! I had so much time off during the holidays and had so many outfit posts planned, but I left mine and my gf's camera at my house, and I was at her house for Twixmas. I was extra annoyed because we went to the Isle of Wight for a short break, and would have loved to have taken some photos there, too. Never mind! I am back now and normal blogging shall resume!

This is the outfit that I wore for New Years Eve. I can't really call it an Outfit of the Night really, as I didn't have my camera on the actual night, so I have come home today and changed into exactly what I wore to post here now.

Dress: Yours Clothing,Shoes: Evans Tights: Not sure, probably Primark! Necklace: Accessorize

In the second photo you can see the shoes better. These were a recent purchase from the Evans sale. I really like them as the heel is the perfect height without being uncomfortable and I think the grey is slightly different and softer to wear with an all black outfit.

The dress is the dress I tried on when I went to Yours Clothing HQ. I absolutely love it. I think it's designed to be more of a tunic, but I like to wear things slightly shorter anyway, so have teamed it up with tights. It would also look good with leggings or jeggings as well. My favourite part is definitely the big, puffy sleeves. They just make me feel good!(And, obviously in keeping with my obsession with the 80's)

The necklace is new as well. This was from the Accessorize sale. I love it as it is REALLY big and eye catching. I often find that dainty jewellery doesn't suit me, it just doesn't match my personality and style, (I hope that doesn't sound too crazy?) so when I spotted this in store I snapped it up!

The next 2 photos is just me playing about with different colours and accessories, and coming up with ideas of how to wear the dress next time.

Necklace: Primark, Belt: Evans, Tights: Marks and Spencer (I think)
Dress and shoes: As before.

I think the pearls give the velvet a different look, almost a more glamorous look. The belt is sequin and I just added it as a little extra, to make it look a bit different and slightly more dressy.

I added the purple tights instead of the black, as I think purple and grey always look good together. The purple just breaks it up a bit as well and makes it look more fun!

I also coloured my hair slightly darker just before New Year. It's now more of a darker red. Not really sure how I feel about it yet! I change my mind so often. I am desperate to go blonde again like I was in my teens, but am scared my hair might fall out!

Happy New year everyone... Here's to a great 2011!


amonkeyfatshionista said...

I love the big pearl necklace and purple tights in the second set of pictures. Also I see what you mean about the height of the heel - my ideal heel hight!

Good to see a blog from you!!

Sophie said...

I loveeee the velvet dress! The sleeves on it are fabulous. You look so lovely sweety!

I would hide that bow from steph though, you know what her obsession with bows is like haha!


Stiletto Siren said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the second set with the purple tights soooo fab! you look great hun and as always so stylish!

Steph0188 said...

I love the tights, purple is so gorgeous & they look great. Really love the pearl necklace too

Natalie Mulford said...

I have that dress! I wore leggings underneath as it's super short on me! I love how you've styled it! It looks fantastic with the purple stockings!!

Katrin said...

That dress is super cute and I really like the second option, the pearls and the touch of color are a good choice. Also your lipcolor machtes perfect with your hair and the tights :D

NEM1976 said...

I have the same shoes. Love how the grey and purple go together. Seeing you I might have to bring back some color to me legs.

The Merry Traveller said...

It's a pretty necklace. I also like bigger and chunkier accessories but I'm trying out some dainty stuff now to see how I can carry it off. I like puff sleeves on anything really so I find your dress eye-catching!

Anika said...

Hi sweetie, I love that silhoutte on you, showing off your legs and shape. Am looking forward to meeting you in London :) <3 Anika

Gemma said...

I have that necklace. LOVE the Accessorize sale!

Also you've inspired me to whip out the coloured tights. xx

naomi_g0300 said...

I love that velvet dress! Ive looked at it for so long! You look great!