Tuesday, 17 August 2010

A 'Femmie' Inspired OOTD

This is what I wore yesterday, just to work. I was inspired by my good friend Femmie, who wore a similar outfit to the Big Bum Jumble on Saturday. I added the scarf,which kind of reminds of an 80s Sloaney, when I got home from work, and I love the way it looks with the horizontal stripes. (And I admit, I do love the 80s Sloaney look, can't wait to rock this up with a twin set and pearls!) I've got really into neck scarves recently. I think they add a different dimension to an outfit, and can also add a sometimes much needed colour splash to any outfit.

Scarf - Jumble
Top - TU @Sainsburys
Jeans - Evans
Brogues - Evans

I really love these brogues. I'm not sure why they are part of the summer range (I got them in the summer sale) as I think I will get a lot more wear out of them in the winter with cute dresses and tights. I have been wearing these in, and they are getting more and more comfortable with every wear. (Apologies for the dog foot in the photo, she kept following me!)

These photos show off the scarf in all its glory! It's very gold and I just love the Eiffel Tower on it! C'est tres chic! (albeit a little.. tacky?!)

PROMISE to do a Jumble haul soon!

Kiss Kiss xx


LaCara said...

You look very chic! I love how your hair adds an edge to this classic french look, and the scarf really adds a dimensional flair. Ooo if you add pearls, please take pics, I would love to see it :D


QueenDiva said...

I really like this outfit... you look super cute

Femmie said...

You look great!

milkshakeandcurls said...

That scarf is AMAZING!

Stiletto Siren said...

Love this look and i agree those shoes will be great for fall and winter!

Lillian Funny Face said...

Love those shoes!

Gazel M. said...

This look looks familiar haha. ;p


Bethamint said...

Love it <3
Love you!

Monkey said...

Coooool outfit!! I'm so gonna wear a similar one tomorrow now :)

Fat Nurse said...

You look very european in this, that scarf is lovely!
Just an idea, do you think you could put more than one post on your main page? I find it hard to know if I've missed a post because I can't scroll but have to see previous entries. Just a thought ^^
Devon, xx

Katkins1982 said...

@Devon I'm not sure how I can.. I am rubbish at technology!